by Discerned

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released September 17, 2015

Tracked by Brandon Elliott.
Mixed and mastered by Ashton Parsons.
Discerned is Adam, Antonio, Brandon, and Joshua.
All lyrics except tracks 9-11 written by Joshua.
Lyrics on "Armageddon Achieved" and "Blighted" written by Adam.
Lyrics on "Memories" written by Antonio.




Discerned Detroit, Michigan

Four ne'er-do-wells.

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Track Name: Wounds to Bear
Painted boldly by the scars of time; the taste of blood never changes. Tracing damage by tongue to lick the wound clean. Disorder blooms; carried in their waves. They taste nothing, yet my tongue stings. The taste of time grows bitter; the taste of blood grows stale; the yearn to shine grows dimmer; the love for life grows pale. Buried in visceral pain, know it to be true: there will be wounds to bear. Buried under one’s own dreams, know it to be true: there will be wounds to bare. Buried in literal pain, know it to be true: these are the wounds I wear. An urge to radiate blackened out; no light of which to speak now. Caving in to the haunting sound; the gloom that grows with time now. You could say that I’m getting by one day closer to death at a time. If not now, someday, these wounds could be yours to bear.
Track Name: Hell is You and You Alone
A hellbound weight; burning blighting burden. Crackling misery; all now but cindering. Ablaze with disbelief, yet you will come to know; bitter is realisation — Hell is you and you alone. Withering to nothing; dwindling. Akin to a broken home aflame; this is the death of darker days. Burn bright and brave to illuminate a world at its darkest.
Track Name: Filthen
A venomous rhetoric bled into societal mentality. Decadent filth spanning generations. Mere doctrine over reason; but right you are! Moldings of morality from irrelevant times. Entities of ignorance are marching these streets, campaigning to purvey regression. Understand your brass ring has long since rusted over. The high horse will stumble to its death under the weight of a kiloton crucifix, because a time must come when there will be a grave fit for even a god.
Track Name: Rot of the Bark
I laid my teeth with hope upon mossing oak to tear away the rot of the bark; jaws adorned with determination unseen. Rusted over and raw with pride. Here hangs no head; no wind to sway. A promising grin to bear; never to give way. An end to the means.
Track Name: Terrified and Shaking
Every coffin clots the soil (in rows and columns). The guides never came (and they never will). Just the cancerous and dictating; driving nails into our wings. They’re all crawling back to the homeland. They’re all crawling back to the heartland; bedding beneath the ribs of culture. Dire world rising to procession and wake; a fear not felt before. Terrified and shaking are we all. Acts and words fallen deaf; drowning in ruin. The teeth have closed down.
Track Name: Victims in the Teeth
Hate holds no wrath when their blood has run cold. Hope holds no worth when the bastard gods roam. Victims in the teeth of the elder wolves; who breathe their burden down the neck of existence. Silhouettes in the flesh; calloused and resilient. A victim, a victim, a victim; a slave. A victim sentenced into an early grave. You let another one of us die in the teeth of the elder wolves. Baring their jaws of gold, bearing down on youthful bliss; never knowing that ‘reap what you sow’ goes both ways. Craving, feeding, leeching upon horizons of a greater day… feeding away, feeding away.
Track Name: Vehemence
Bitter truth be told, I have become a beast and everything once loathed is now converging unto me. But hopeless as it may be, I still shall tear away. Vehement in thought, vengeance in hand; I shall tear away. Engraved into stone; comforted by earth and root. All but dim paths to follow; where no one ever dares. Bold blood writhing in my veins; it serpentines — daring, ever daring; coiling slowly — daring, ever daring. Tear at the reins.
Track Name: Vicious World
No love in a vicious world. A heavy head from weary rain. Dwelling on the grave of youth; end on an apathetic refrain. No love in a vicious age. There is nothing more to bare. A beast of grief at every wake; I sink my teeth into its hide of grey. A heart of carrion and fit for nothing. There is nowhere left to run with a heart of filthy carrion. There is nowhere left to kneel in a life plagued with such disdain. Dry blood won’t wash away. Old wounds are here to stay. No love in a vicious world.
Track Name: Armageddon Achieved
Ashes fall to the ground. Kicking, screaming; innocence shedding like tears. Suffocation my only defense; the last construct of diligence. As I lie awake in death’s still waters, a truth still creeps behind. Fire fall from the sky. Kicking, screaming; innocence shedding like tears. Suffocation my only defense; the last construct of diligence. As I lie awake in death’s still waters, a truth still creeps behind. My conscience bears message that I’m still alive, and my limbs still taste the cool breeze. Just then, the sky parts my eyes. I see life when all I hear is death. Beggars reaching up above, calling for their maker; hoping for God. Beggars reaching up to the sky, calling for their maker; hoping for God. Beggar. Reaching. Calling. Hoping for God. As I lie awake in death’s still waters, my limbs still taste the cool night breeze. I see life when all I hear is death. Suffocation my only defense. My conscience bears a message of which I know is true: Armageddon still achieved.
Track Name: Memories
Holding back more than one can, with no more fight left to give. You tend to wonder if they really lived, or if their life had even begun. Effortlessly to your knees, praying to forget. With the inner pain and anguish, your thoughts will never quit. And when the realization sets, I’ll be at the doors to greet you. Don’t you dare look at him in the eyes, because your savior will beseech you, “The life you lived is not enough, you’ve only spent it in the rough.” As I sat back with my life of luxury, I drank more than enough to fill the Seven Seas. I never lent my hand to bare the pain. Just as guilty as throwing you to the train. Kept my eyes closed to the tracks. I just wanted to be left in the dark. Staring into a mirror with all of this guilt, it’s almost like seeing the ones who don’t exist anymore.
Track Name: Blighted
Now until forever, hear my desolate voice. This tender heart bears message underneath the noise; of life, death, jealousy, regret; points of confusion; vices, I confess. As the life blood boils my skin, I try to wrestle these past sins of which I’ll never fucking win. This life has made me fucking blighted.
Track Name: Grieve
Bastardised, we live in the shadow of a hanging head; watching, looming. Wandering and wailing skyward; dissidents in subconscious dissonance. The tragic filth lingers thick in the air, cackling from within a crooked maw as its cynical tongues shape darker views and scourge the mind. Contemplated and compromised; passive stances saturate common lives. Voluntary corruption through millions of blind eyes. A veil of condemnation encircles the skulls of the meek. Cloven eyes stare into the very face of terrene abyss; grieving for a world that has yet to die. Grieving, yet yearning on.